May 29,2022

1. There will be a second collection for Catholic Communication Campaign today.

2. On June 12, Bishop James Golka will visit our parish to administer the sacrament of Confirmation. Since this is the first pastoral visit of the new bishop, only the 11 o’clock Mass will be celebrated without the English Mass at 9 o’clock on this day so that all parishioners can participate in the Mass together.

       After Mass there will be pot luck lunch.


Heavenly Father,
You are the source of life and the seat of all wisdom.
You call us to grow in knowledge,
to serve with compassion,
and to thrive in community.
Our schools, all schools, are formed for this.

Once again and still,
a school has been rocked by gun violence.
A place of learning was transformed into a place of violence.
Innocent children lost their lives.
Dedicated teachers lost their lives.
Welcome them into your loving embrace.
Show your justice and mercy to the gunman.

Give solace to the parents and community of Uvalde.
Give comfort to all those who have witnessed tragedy
and are trying to comprehend this senseless act.
Give courage to lawmakers to enact laws that finally and truly control guns;
Give boldness to citizens to demand action from their elected officials.

Bless us with your protection,
for we are all your children.
May we live in peace;
May we learn in safety;
and may we strive to bring the peace of Christ to our troubled world.

Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

(Rita Thiron/FDLC – May 25, 2022)

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