Mar.26, 2023

  • 1. Today after 9 o’clock Mass, Liam (Patrick) Windham, Haneul Ka’s infant baptism is held.
  • 2. After the 9:00 Mass there is a promotional sale of Steven Dilorio’s book “Wisdom from the Saints”.
    April 2Palm Sunday. 9am -English Mass, 11am—Korean Mass
    April 6 (Thursday)7pm- Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday), Washing of Feet. Eucharistic Adoration until midnight.
    April 7 (Friday)3pm- Stations of Cross (Korean) 7pm- Passion of the Lord (Good Friday), Holyland Collection.
    April 8 (Saturday)8pm– Easter Vigil in the Holy Night (Korean, English bilingual Mass)
    April 9 (Sunday)Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 9am– English, 11am- Korean. Potluck

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