Mar. 13

Beginning on April 24th (2nd Sunday of Easter) we are moving our 9:30 Mass to 9:00 AM. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but we did not make this choice lightly, nor without thinking of our community as a whole.

We have noticed a handful of problems that we believe will be fixed by moving our morning Mass.

  1.  The time between our 2 Masses is not enough for our limited volunteers or our pastor to prepare for the second Mass.

  2. The transition has been expressed as too hectic and rushed for those who arrive for the next Mass to pray and genuflect. We hope the added time will allow for more calmness. 

3. Pastor has expressed a desire to have more time to offer pastoral care to our community, the transition time between both Masses is a opportune time to do so for both services.

4. The adult catechism class can only meet during this in-between time and has had to be rushed to finish before our 11AM Mass. 

5. This problem for not having enough time also applies to our younger students who would like to attend the Korean Mass after Sunday school finishes. 

6.  In the future, when we resume lunches in the parish hall together, having the 11 AM Mass moved unfortunately pushes back lunch further into the afternoon than what would be ideal. 

As one of two Korean churches in Colorado we acknowledge  our responsibility to offer our Korean Language Mass for our community. And, with recent events causing us to make other changes we have had the chance to review what we could improve and we believe this adjustment will bring positive effects for Saint Andrew Kim. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your understanding as we make this change.

                                                                       – Pastor  Fr. Augustine Kim

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